Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We're Back

Wow, so much has happened since I was last here. Tella made it back from her 10 day turned into 3 month mission trip to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, got engaged, Married, moved with her husband Justin Craft to Morgantown, started a couple new jobs and changed her educational focus to a degree that she plans to use for further missions.
Casey will graduated from High School in a little over a month, she is working part time at Long Johns, is dating Shayne Harman and is sorting through what God has in store for her next. College, missions are on regular topics of discussion.
Dubale continues to grow and show off his muscles. He is doing so well in school and has learned so much. In order to give him the best foundation we have decided to have him repeat Kindergarten next year. He loves school and continues to be very social. Bonding has taken some time between he and I, but the Lord has been gracious and everpresent in this journey. He is so very faithful. I am so very thankful.
Tim had a long winter break and now is working in Grove City doing concrete restoration on bridges. He is a fabulous father and husband.
I continue to work at Ruby Hospital on Cardiac Stepdown floor. Get kinda antsy sometimes about what I am to do.....God has kept me there thus far and I don't think He is done with me there yet.
The Lord continues to provide, protect and guide our family. Trust me there is rarely a dull moment. We are truly blessed!

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  1. Nice to hear how your family is doing ... especially Dubale ... such a journey this is. Maybe I'll blog again some day ...