Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Justin Bieber - Pray

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tella is 21 year old today

It seems unbelievable that 21 years ago today our first child was born. Today, she celebrated her 21st birthday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on a mission trip "Visiting Orphans" She is simply amazing. For over 7 years now she has been dreaming and praying about Africa; saying that when she grew up she was going to go to Africa and be a missionary.....oh and ride elephants. lol

It is amazing to me that she knew what God wanted her to do at such a young age. Tella is such a huge influence on our entire family and many people she comes into contact with. Spurred on by her sister, Casey, Tella participated in "A day without shoes" which is to bring awareness to children who don't even have shoes to wear. She went through her day at college without shoes which opened up opportunies to talk orphans and those less fortunate than most of us and how we can help. One college professor brought many pairs of tennis shoes for her to take this trip. She messaged me the other day that she had passed out every single pair to children who live on the streets of Addis Ababa Ethiopia. (I also need to mention that Casey attempted to join in A Day without Shoes and encouraged 30 high school students to go to school without shoes; she was sent home in first period, but at least she attempted. Even at this she did have opportunity to witness about these children's needs.) I am so blessed to have these two strong young women as daughters. They are doing and will continue to do the work the Lord has laid on their hearts. Proud Momma of

Tella Dawn Greathouse, 21; Casey Lynn Greathouse, 17; Dubale Wade Greathouse, 4

Dawn Lynn Wade Greathouse

15 days left !!

15 day's til it's summmerrr!!! and I'm a senior!!!

this year has gone by so fast. but I'm glad because this has been a rough year for me. Today was my best friend (11 years) Tara's last day of school. she is graduating this year! i never really thought this day would come..but it's here and I DO NOT LIKE IT!! you see Tara and I have grown up together! she live exactly 28 steps from my front door to hers! yep we are that close!! Her birthday is March 21 mine is March 22!! we have always known each other! tomorrow is gonna be a sad bad, becsuse its gonna be the first day of the rest of my high school careeree with out my best friend!!

short story about Tara and I;

we were about 11 and 12 when we got this Bright idea that we were gonna go camping. (in my drive way) so for four days straight we stayed in my camper. ate played and slept outside! we went in to use the bathroom that was it! well one night we got marsh mellow in our my sisters boyfriend Justin told us to put PB in our hear SO what did we do..we listened to him!!hahah about the time we gout both of our heads COVERED in PB my mom comes out and freaked out! because we had a whole jar of Jiff peanut butter on our heads. we quickly told her Justin told us too..she wasn't happy. our camping trip was complete with getting our hair washed outside with the water hoes. hahah