Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butter cheese and growing in the Lord

A strange title for a post...... right? I don't know about you but my learning style has been for most of my life hands on. I can not tell you the trouble/situations that I have gotten into because of this when I really could have listened and learned, but no I had to experience it for myself. An funny example of this happened a couple of years ago when our ladies prayer group/friends went on a day trip to Amish country. In this delicious cheese factory you were able to sample any cheese you wanted prior to purchasing, so we were going around sampling away. A friend came upon butter cheese........she immediately said "yuck that looks gross" and what did I do.....of course I had to sample it. And yes it tasted just as gross as it looked. I thought then and since then why did I have to actually taste this cheese. Why?
Yes, I think part of it is my learning style, but lately God is revealing that part of it is my trying to be in control and not trusting!!!!!!!! WHAT?????????
Well since that time and (almost) no truly daily these days God is giving me an opportunity to learn to trust in Him. He has also been teaching me some very valuable lessons on trusting and believing him, getting snug down to Him and staying there. Not being distracted by XYZ, but to truly keep my focus on Him. I highly recommend reading about Peter doing just that in Matthew 14:28-32. I imagine myself in this situation. My raging waters are not wet, but they are distacting and fearful and they most certainly do threaten to swallow me up to drown out my faith which puts me in a tail spin. Exactly Satans plan!
If I am looking at XYZ then I am taking my eyes from God therefore I am not able to see clearly, my focus is off, I am disoriented, fears grips me and I sink like a rock.
All of our XYZ's are different, but one thing for sure if that God is bigger than any of that, He wants to be in it with us, He has gone ahead of us and is all around us, He has a plan for us, and He wants us to trust Him, listen to Him, Obey Him, bring all our cares, worries and anxieties to Him. Why? Because He cares for us. We are Gods treasured possessions.
I would love for you to lift us up in prayer for:
1. Tim's job/travel and possibility of him being able to work close home.
2. Our family as we seek to serve God daily and obediently.
3. Tella serving in African orphanage. Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Safety for her.
4. Our continued transition as a family.
We would love to pray for you if you would leave a response.
Praying that God draws you closer one minute at a time. Love Dawn

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Justin Bieber - Pray

turn the music off at the bottom of the page, listen to this song.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tella is 21 year old today

It seems unbelievable that 21 years ago today our first child was born. Today, she celebrated her 21st birthday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on a mission trip "Visiting Orphans" She is simply amazing. For over 7 years now she has been dreaming and praying about Africa; saying that when she grew up she was going to go to Africa and be a missionary.....oh and ride elephants. lol

It is amazing to me that she knew what God wanted her to do at such a young age. Tella is such a huge influence on our entire family and many people she comes into contact with. Spurred on by her sister, Casey, Tella participated in "A day without shoes" which is to bring awareness to children who don't even have shoes to wear. She went through her day at college without shoes which opened up opportunies to talk orphans and those less fortunate than most of us and how we can help. One college professor brought many pairs of tennis shoes for her to take this trip. She messaged me the other day that she had passed out every single pair to children who live on the streets of Addis Ababa Ethiopia. (I also need to mention that Casey attempted to join in A Day without Shoes and encouraged 30 high school students to go to school without shoes; she was sent home in first period, but at least she attempted. Even at this she did have opportunity to witness about these children's needs.) I am so blessed to have these two strong young women as daughters. They are doing and will continue to do the work the Lord has laid on their hearts. Proud Momma of

Tella Dawn Greathouse, 21; Casey Lynn Greathouse, 17; Dubale Wade Greathouse, 4

Dawn Lynn Wade Greathouse

15 days left !!

15 day's til it's summmerrr!!! and I'm a senior!!!

this year has gone by so fast. but I'm glad because this has been a rough year for me. Today was my best friend (11 years) Tara's last day of school. she is graduating this year! i never really thought this day would come..but it's here and I DO NOT LIKE IT!! you see Tara and I have grown up together! she live exactly 28 steps from my front door to hers! yep we are that close!! Her birthday is March 21 mine is March 22!! we have always known each other! tomorrow is gonna be a sad bad, becsuse its gonna be the first day of the rest of my high school careeree with out my best friend!!

short story about Tara and I;

we were about 11 and 12 when we got this Bright idea that we were gonna go camping. (in my drive way) so for four days straight we stayed in my camper. ate played and slept outside! we went in to use the bathroom that was it! well one night we got marsh mellow in our my sisters boyfriend Justin told us to put PB in our hear SO what did we do..we listened to him!!hahah about the time we gout both of our heads COVERED in PB my mom comes out and freaked out! because we had a whole jar of Jiff peanut butter on our heads. we quickly told her Justin told us too..she wasn't happy. our camping trip was complete with getting our hair washed outside with the water hoes. hahah

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Happenings

Dubale continues to grow and learn at what seems like warp speed.

Today he offered to make lunch for us. See picture. He says he used to make and eat these in Africa!

Easter. Well it was quite possibly one of our best. Our family is growing so much. While reading to Dubale about the Resurrection last night he through his hands in the air and announced......HE'S ALIVE!!! What a huge blessing.

Last week after Sunday School he retold me the story of the 4 friends who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus, lowering him through the roof for Jesus to heal. WOW!

Dubale now weighs 46.8# and is 43.5"tall Dubale. On 8/24/11 37" and 37.6#.

Tella and Casey continue to do well. They love their little brother. Tella is getting ready to leave on Visiting Orphans Mission trip on May 6-18 to Uganda and Ethiopia. Then in June she will be joining the staff at Camp Cowen for the summer. Please pray for me as my first born is getting ready to fly the coup. Momma's and pappa's hearts are being stretched in all directions. Casey is busy with school, working part time at Peking as a waitress and preparing for her first Prom. Time is flying by and we are enjoying this point in our lives. It is amazing to see our older daughters following God's direction. Thank you for all who are praying. Dawn

Monday, March 7, 2011

Coming unglued~

I had planned and wanted to post on Dubales's 6th month home, but you know things happen. He is now nearing the 7th month. I didn't post because I had it in my mind that I wanted to post "Happy" and I just couldn't do it. I wanted to post that everything is "great" and "perfect" and it is not! Truth is, it has never been. BUT that is ok! God didn't ask me or any of us to be "perfect". Hello!!!! That we are not is why we celebrate The Cross.

I really don't know why any of us try to put on such a farce. Yes our struggles may all look different, but we all have them and we all need God.

I really do believe that our transition of adding another child to our family has been relatively easy. Relatively I say. We have struggled with some issues though; like "Ole my goodness I can't sleep whenever I want anymore or I can't just pick up and go? Our girls are soon to be 17 and 21. We were by "American Standards" almost home free. Now, there are bedtimes, consistency of schedules (and for those of you who know me know to take that with a grain of salt), What I have to work my stuff around another person know; being of the fallen race, we all struggle with selfishness.

Then there is a matter of rejection or the fear of! The fear of coming unglued from those important to me. Until the 6Th month home, Dubale was not able to willing sit on my lap. My love language is physical touch. As a momma, I am "supposed to" cuddle, rock, snuggle with my children. Tim and God have been so gracious with this one. Tim has gently encouraged Dubale to grow closer to me. When Dubale would "reject" me entering the room where he and papa were or didn't want me to sit on the couch with him, Tim would say "Dubale momma is important, Dubale we love momma, we want momma to sit with us, etc teaching Dubale how to accept me as a momma. God has been so incredibly graceful in teaching me to "love Dubale" "accept Dubale" when my feelings just were not there or I was feeling rejected.
Then there is the matter of being at such different points with each of my kids. That is a challenge in and of itself. This is so powerful. They may seem trivial, but I believe that whatever it is that causes you to turn from the path that God has placed you on is so significant. I could have escaped from this bonding in a variety of different ways out of my own fear of rejection, but God is teaching me through this. In the past two weeks, I have had the awesome opportunity to rock my baby boy to sleep two times and just rock and hold him also. God is so Very Good. He knows me and you. Psstt He is the one who places those desires in us. He knows our strength and our weakness. He knows when we are going to stumble. He knows we need Him.

It's really about being obedient to God's call in our lives. Can we really make a difference in the millions of children orphaned in the world. Really? We can't change anything. We are simply called to be obedient. In order to do this we have to stay close to God. We have to search for Him. We have to be quiet, position ourselves, and listen. In doing this, God, who is the maker of all things can and will make the changes according to His will.

Would I do this all over again? You better believe it! I want to be closer to being like my Jesus every day and that takes work, laying down what is not mine to pick up in the first place, and staying closer to Him.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In your Eyes

i found this video and it was really a good reminder, with things that are going on in my life. You know things could be way worse..I could be like these children and not have a home, a family, food, a mommy and daddy. But God gave my a home a family a school to go to and a HUGE heart for these kids!!
I'm go to share a dream with you, I don't know who you are but this is my dream. When i graduate high school I want to go back to Ethiopia and live, really getting to know the people in Africa. I want to know their stories everything little thing i want to know!! then i want to come back to WV and write a book, I don't know maybe ill go to the mountains and live in a cabin while writing this book, blasting the KLOVE radio in the back ground! the second part to my dream is to go to the place my Little brother is from, and teach them about God, I have a fire burning inside my body to help MY family in Ethiopia know God!

I feel as if people look at Ethiopia or any other place in the world with this much pain and suffering and they say "IF I COULD I WOULD, BUT I CANT" well ya know what that isn't working for me and it really isn't helping these poor little kids get to know God before they pass away. why not say "I LOVE GOD HE LOVES ME NOW I'M GOING TO LOVE THESE KIDS AND GO!" why not go. if you don't like it you can always come home to your nice life here . but i promise you will fall in love with at least one kid and that will start the fire in your heart to help make a change for the others!

thinking of you; Casey

Thursday, February 3, 2011


How can one little boy bring so much joy?

I wonder sometimes if it is God's reward to us for our obedience.......even in the face of doubt, pride, selfishness, and all of our humanly faults...............Whatever it is WE ARE THANKFUL!
I have to share some of the cuteness Dubale, Casey and Tella have brought to our home.
Casey and Dylan were going for a drive the other night and they asked Dubale if he wanted anynything while they were out. He asked for ice cream, but said wait, wait....while he was searching his pockets for his money. Casey tried telling him that she would get it, but he insisted on buying his own ice cream. All 4 cents worth. Priceless.
Dubale and I were grocery shopping yesterday and as I was about to pay, he said....wait, wait....while he was searching his pockets. He was so proud of himself........buying our groceries for 2 cents.
He always fusses at me when I say "let's read a book", but once I start I had better have a glass of water because he will have the couch filled with books before we are done. Some of his favorites are Dr. Seuss.
You should see him play the drums and guitar. He loves to sing and dance; sometimes improvising with his Lego microphone.
During one of his Story Hours at the library he learned about making snow angels and has been practicing this skill.
He has learned red, blue, yellow, white and black. Can write A and B and loves to count money.
Pretty much whatever we are doing he is up for it and ready to help.
One of his friends showed him how to stand on his head which he has been practicing also.
Thank you Jesus for our children. They all bring us so much Joy!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I look at our family, I can't imagine my life without any of them in it. I can't believe God has blessed me with such a wonderful husband. One who at ALL times is looking out for me and for his children. He would and has gone without so we could have. He has carried sleepy children to bed, woke in the middle of the night to sooth their cries, while he has also been stern in his discipline so they know right from wrong and have respect for others while also respecting themselves. Proverbs 3:12 says, "but the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in."
He does things that take him way outside his comfort zone if he thinks his kids or I need him to. He prays for us each day. I remember when Tella and Casey were little, it wouldn't be unusual to see them walking together while Tim had a baby doll dangling from his hip pocket. He was actually the first of us to change and diaper. Once when Tella was 2 years old we had her at the fair and she wanted to ride the motorcycles. With a little hesitancy, Tim decided to let her, but said he would walk alongside of her so she wouldn't fall. Little did he realize just how fast those things move and how long a time they run. I think the carney was having a good time! I was standing by myself along the rail and was literally hanging onto the rail laughing with tears running down my face. People must have thought I was crazy....a little crazy I guess. Tella was safe and sound when the ride ended. Tim enjoys taking the kids hunting. He and Casey got a deer last year. What dad do you know would take his 16 year old daughter hunting. They both came back so happy. Now with Dubale it is like a whole new world. Don't get me wrong, this man loves all his kids, but having a son has truly been a whole new world. He is so funny doing "boy things" with him. While all the time teaching him how to treat momma and siters with kindness and plenty of hug and kisses. He works with him in the wood shop, watches and plays cowboys, wrestles of course and most recently went swimming. For those of you who know Tim, he has always said "I don't swim!" Oh yeah he also said "I will never go to Africa". We made two trips there last summer.....Thank you Jesus for giving my children such a wonderful father!