Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butter cheese and growing in the Lord

A strange title for a post...... right? I don't know about you but my learning style has been for most of my life hands on. I can not tell you the trouble/situations that I have gotten into because of this when I really could have listened and learned, but no I had to experience it for myself. An funny example of this happened a couple of years ago when our ladies prayer group/friends went on a day trip to Amish country. In this delicious cheese factory you were able to sample any cheese you wanted prior to purchasing, so we were going around sampling away. A friend came upon butter cheese........she immediately said "yuck that looks gross" and what did I do.....of course I had to sample it. And yes it tasted just as gross as it looked. I thought then and since then why did I have to actually taste this cheese. Why?
Yes, I think part of it is my learning style, but lately God is revealing that part of it is my trying to be in control and not trusting!!!!!!!! WHAT?????????
Well since that time and (almost) no truly daily these days God is giving me an opportunity to learn to trust in Him. He has also been teaching me some very valuable lessons on trusting and believing him, getting snug down to Him and staying there. Not being distracted by XYZ, but to truly keep my focus on Him. I highly recommend reading about Peter doing just that in Matthew 14:28-32. I imagine myself in this situation. My raging waters are not wet, but they are distacting and fearful and they most certainly do threaten to swallow me up to drown out my faith which puts me in a tail spin. Exactly Satans plan!
If I am looking at XYZ then I am taking my eyes from God therefore I am not able to see clearly, my focus is off, I am disoriented, fears grips me and I sink like a rock.
All of our XYZ's are different, but one thing for sure if that God is bigger than any of that, He wants to be in it with us, He has gone ahead of us and is all around us, He has a plan for us, and He wants us to trust Him, listen to Him, Obey Him, bring all our cares, worries and anxieties to Him. Why? Because He cares for us. We are Gods treasured possessions.
I would love for you to lift us up in prayer for:
1. Tim's job/travel and possibility of him being able to work close home.
2. Our family as we seek to serve God daily and obediently.
3. Tella serving in African orphanage. Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Safety for her.
4. Our continued transition as a family.
We would love to pray for you if you would leave a response.
Praying that God draws you closer one minute at a time. Love Dawn

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