Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Happenings

Dubale continues to grow and learn at what seems like warp speed.

Today he offered to make lunch for us. See picture. He says he used to make and eat these in Africa!

Easter. Well it was quite possibly one of our best. Our family is growing so much. While reading to Dubale about the Resurrection last night he through his hands in the air and announced......HE'S ALIVE!!! What a huge blessing.

Last week after Sunday School he retold me the story of the 4 friends who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus, lowering him through the roof for Jesus to heal. WOW!

Dubale now weighs 46.8# and is 43.5"tall Dubale. On 8/24/11 37" and 37.6#.

Tella and Casey continue to do well. They love their little brother. Tella is getting ready to leave on Visiting Orphans Mission trip on May 6-18 to Uganda and Ethiopia. Then in June she will be joining the staff at Camp Cowen for the summer. Please pray for me as my first born is getting ready to fly the coup. Momma's and pappa's hearts are being stretched in all directions. Casey is busy with school, working part time at Peking as a waitress and preparing for her first Prom. Time is flying by and we are enjoying this point in our lives. It is amazing to see our older daughters following God's direction. Thank you for all who are praying. Dawn