Saturday, February 19, 2011

In your Eyes

i found this video and it was really a good reminder, with things that are going on in my life. You know things could be way worse..I could be like these children and not have a home, a family, food, a mommy and daddy. But God gave my a home a family a school to go to and a HUGE heart for these kids!!
I'm go to share a dream with you, I don't know who you are but this is my dream. When i graduate high school I want to go back to Ethiopia and live, really getting to know the people in Africa. I want to know their stories everything little thing i want to know!! then i want to come back to WV and write a book, I don't know maybe ill go to the mountains and live in a cabin while writing this book, blasting the KLOVE radio in the back ground! the second part to my dream is to go to the place my Little brother is from, and teach them about God, I have a fire burning inside my body to help MY family in Ethiopia know God!

I feel as if people look at Ethiopia or any other place in the world with this much pain and suffering and they say "IF I COULD I WOULD, BUT I CANT" well ya know what that isn't working for me and it really isn't helping these poor little kids get to know God before they pass away. why not say "I LOVE GOD HE LOVES ME NOW I'M GOING TO LOVE THESE KIDS AND GO!" why not go. if you don't like it you can always come home to your nice life here . but i promise you will fall in love with at least one kid and that will start the fire in your heart to help make a change for the others!

thinking of you; Casey

Thursday, February 3, 2011


How can one little boy bring so much joy?

I wonder sometimes if it is God's reward to us for our obedience.......even in the face of doubt, pride, selfishness, and all of our humanly faults...............Whatever it is WE ARE THANKFUL!
I have to share some of the cuteness Dubale, Casey and Tella have brought to our home.
Casey and Dylan were going for a drive the other night and they asked Dubale if he wanted anynything while they were out. He asked for ice cream, but said wait, wait....while he was searching his pockets for his money. Casey tried telling him that she would get it, but he insisted on buying his own ice cream. All 4 cents worth. Priceless.
Dubale and I were grocery shopping yesterday and as I was about to pay, he said....wait, wait....while he was searching his pockets. He was so proud of himself........buying our groceries for 2 cents.
He always fusses at me when I say "let's read a book", but once I start I had better have a glass of water because he will have the couch filled with books before we are done. Some of his favorites are Dr. Seuss.
You should see him play the drums and guitar. He loves to sing and dance; sometimes improvising with his Lego microphone.
During one of his Story Hours at the library he learned about making snow angels and has been practicing this skill.
He has learned red, blue, yellow, white and black. Can write A and B and loves to count money.
Pretty much whatever we are doing he is up for it and ready to help.
One of his friends showed him how to stand on his head which he has been practicing also.
Thank you Jesus for our children. They all bring us so much Joy!!!