Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Month Home as a Family of Five


It's hard to believe that we have been home for one month already. Dubale is adjusting beautifully. Besides sleeping and eating well, he also cleans up his toys and plate after each meal. God has been so gracious in allowing us to bond. Initially Dubale only wanted Tim when he was home. Understandable since Tim works/stays away Monday to Thursday, but Dubale has adjusted well. He no longer yells/screams when I come near him if Pappa is home. Tim has been so good to reinforce Dubale's bonding to me. For this I am so thankful. He loves his sisters so much. Each day when Casey comes home from school he runs to her and snuggles with her for at least an hour. They wrestle like crazy. He is so strong! Towards the end of the week after Tella has been gone for college, Dubale starts looking in her room to see if she is home yet. He has mastered riding his bicycle with training wheels. He is bonding well to each of us and each in a different way. He is socialable, but doesn't go to stranges indiscrimately. Good! The only thing he does that we will work on is each time he says "By" he also says "I love you" regardless of who he is talking to.

Vocabulary is increasing also. Additional words Dubale can say and understand are:

Night, Good morning, Dylan, Hana, Hope, Pastor Don, Miss Cindy, truck, trash, open, hot/cold, outside, Buttons, Hannah, Puppy, Hannah outside, up please. Sentences: "Mommy I not full" at lunchtime. I asked him what he wanted. "Beans" He LOVES baked beans. His ball rolled over the hill and he ran and got it once. Rolled over again he said, "Mommy get it" and laughed.

It has been work in adjusting. Parenting looks a lot different for us then it did 16 and 20 years ago. The biggest change is our relationship with the Lord. Through this He has strengthened us. You have to remember Tim and I also have a 16 and 20 year old. We would not change our decision for the world. It's not always easy. It has taken sacrifice from each of us, but it so totally worth it. I have had so many people say, "God will Bless Your Family for what you have done." I say, "He already has!" Thank you Lord for each of our children. Help us to raise them to look to you Jesus. Help Tim and I to be a strong example of this. We Love You more each day Lord. Dawn

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I love you
I love you so much!
Thank you
You're Welcome
Counts to 10....usually in English
Says ABC's
Rides tricycle
Trying to learn to ride Bicycle with training wheels
Eats anything, but milk and cheese
Dubale insists on saying his prayers himself. He always starts with Dubale, Pappa, Casey, Tella
Momma and Grandma.
On 8/24/10
39" and 37.6 lbs
On 9/9/10

Thank you Busy Bee Quilters

This is Dubale making use of his new quilt given to him by the Busy Bee Quilters at our church. Thank you so much!

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