Monday, October 25, 2010


WOW I really can't believe that we have been home for 2 months. In some respects it feels like just yesterday and in others it seems we have been together for ever!!!!!

God has been so good to our family. We are so Blessed by Him. He has strengthened our family and given us 3 beautiful, healthy and happy kids.

I have gone back to work after being at home for 2 months. Dubale has adjusted well to this so far, but we would appreciate your prayers for him in this new transition. He and I have been going to story hour at the library each Monday and he is really enjoying that. We read a book, do a little craft and eat a little snack.

Dubale and I have also been going for lots of walks. He loves to be outdoors as he is very energetic.

Tella is doing well in college. She just recently was hired at a middle school which is close to her college for an after school program. She is home on the weekends. We had a wonderful time this weekend shopping, sorting out and organinzing at home. It was good to have this time!

Casey has been busy with school, Band competitions, Friday night football games, Youth Life, ABY, Homecoming Dance......She is one busy young lady. Oh she is also helping to watch Dubale while I work. These stories are very entertaining:)

Tim has been working about 3 hours away from home, so he is gone from Monday morning to Thursday afternoon. He is loving being a new pappa.

Adjusting well to our new life as a family of five! I just want to encourage you, whatever God is saying to you.....telling you to do........I know that sometimes what God tells us to do can be very scary, seem impossible, plain not be in our plans............BUT He knows the plans He has for you and for your family. You can rely on Him. You can give all of your worries, anxieties, etc to Him. He is a Big God! He knows Best! He is always with you! He will guide you! He will protect and strengthen you! I Encouage you not to run from God's plans for you......because if you do you will miss out on some pretty awesome Blessings! Dawn

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mommy Goes Back to Work..

As you could tell my mom went back to work tonight..If you didn't know she is a nurse at Ruby (WVU) Hospital , in Morgantown WV two hours away from home. So That mean I got my first taste of being the big sister totally in charge for the night! holy cow!! I don't know how she does it! He almost drove me crazy. We went for a walk, talked to random people as we walked down Main Street, Played soccer, Rode bikes, Talked to Daddy on the phone, watched a movie, read a book,took crazy pictures, laughed so hard we cried, cleaned the kitchen, and went to bed! Oh and did i mention my mom didn't leave til five and I put him in bed at eight! yeah we were busy!! All I have to say is my mom is an amazing mom for being able to deal with all the change that has happened. I love you mom!! I don't know how you do it, You put up with a sixteen year old a four year old annnnd on weekend a twenty year old! You are awesome! I love you mom

Sometimes LAUGHTER is the best conversation a brother and sister can have.