Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15 days left !!

15 day's til it's summmerrr!!! and I'm a senior!!!

this year has gone by so fast. but I'm glad because this has been a rough year for me. Today was my best friend (11 years) Tara's last day of school. she is graduating this year! i never really thought this day would come..but it's here and I DO NOT LIKE IT!! you see Tara and I have grown up together! she live exactly 28 steps from my front door to hers! yep we are that close!! Her birthday is March 21 mine is March 22!! we have always known each other! tomorrow is gonna be a sad bad, becsuse its gonna be the first day of the rest of my high school careeree with out my best friend!!

short story about Tara and I;

we were about 11 and 12 when we got this Bright idea that we were gonna go camping. (in my drive way) so for four days straight we stayed in my camper. ate played and slept outside! we went in to use the bathroom that was it! well one night we got marsh mellow in our my sisters boyfriend Justin told us to put PB in our hear SO what did we do..we listened to him!!hahah about the time we gout both of our heads COVERED in PB my mom comes out and freaked out! because we had a whole jar of Jiff peanut butter on our heads. we quickly told her Justin told us too..she wasn't happy. our camping trip was complete with getting our hair washed outside with the water hoes. hahah

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